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A tree can be an important part of one’s life, aging as we do, granting shelter and shade for that warm summer day barbecue, the location of your childhood treehouse.

Deciding to remove a tree or trees from your property can be a difficult decision but often, there are situations where a tree begins presenting more risk than benefit – that’s where a properly trained arborist comes into play.

Some of the signs that may indicate it’s time to remove a tree include:


You notice dead branches near the top of the tree


The bark is chipping or the trunk is cracking


Twigs at the ends of branches aren't growing new buds


The tree was damaged in a storm


The tree is growing too close to powerlines, or the roots are encroaching too close to your home or business


Just because you noticed some of these signs, doesn’t necessarily mean tree removal is necessary. A professional arborist in Columbus Ohio can help diagnose if there are any true issues with your tree and recommend the best tree service to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

How much does tree service cost?

One of the first questions someone usually asks is, how much will tree removal cost? Each tree is different, which means each tree removal is a bit different as well. Some of the things that Tree Pro Columbus Tree Removal and Tree Trimming will consider when providing an estimate are the location of the tree, the size of the tree, and the amount of time that is estimated to complete the project safely and correctly.

If a tree or trees are close to your home or are intertwined with the power lines the removal can become more difficult. Depending on the age of the tree some branches can weigh almost 1,000 pounds!

Tree Removal Services Columbus Ohio

A tree removal company must have a plan for how they will safely remove the tree without causing damage to your yard or home.  The bigger the tree, the larger the cost as there are going to be more branches, more debris, and more to do. Depending on these factors, the work can be estimated. Some jobs can take as little as a few hours however other, larger projects can take as long as a couple of days!

In some situations, you may look at a tree and think, “I can remove that on my own.” We highly dissuade this. A tree care professional will have the proper tools, training, and understanding of the most efficient way to go about removing a larger tree from your property to avoid any further costs or risks.


Tree removal is a difficult job, if you have a tree you think might need to be removed fill out the form above or call 614-957-1113 for your free tree services consultation and estimate today!

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Other services that Tree Pro Columbus Ohio offers include:

Tree Trimming

If you decide it’s not time to remove your tree, tree trimming, and tree pruning can be a great way to make your year look fresh!

Stump Grinding

After you’ve removed a tree from your yard the next step is to remove the stump, learn more today!